Altar Guild

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In 2007, about 20 parishioners revived the Saint Paschal Baylon Altar Guild. Now, just a few years later, praise God, there are over 50 in our ministry, and we’re still growing.

Our ministry cleans the church inside and out, top to bottom. We perform major cleanings once every 2 months on Saturday mornings, which usually only takes about 2-3 hours. These cleanings include (but are not limited to) polishing all the wood and brass, cleaning all the windows and glass, cleaning the confessionals & Adoration Chapel office, removing all the trash, crumbs, and gum from the pews & church floor, vacuuming, mopping/cleaning and waxing the floors and altar, and above all - disinfecting EVERYTHING.

Our goal is to make Saint Paschal Baylon look great for our Lord, and everyone who celebrates here. A few of us also clean during the week, and every Saturday a smaller group does a “touch-up” cleaning after the morning liturgy. Our motto is, “Jesus removes sin from the world....we remove dirt from His house”, and we have fun while we’re doing it. It’s not just some boring cleaning crew. Before, during, and after we clean, we socialize with juices, coffee, and all kinds of snacks – which sometimes turns into a potluck. In 2009, we also had our 1st annual Rummage and Bake Sale, which funded the professional cleaning of the church floor and seat cushions.

If you are interested in joining our ministry, we would love your help. All you have to do is show up & introduce yourself. Everyone is welcome to join us to help make God's house sparkle. There's no age requirement or limit - we have jobs for everyone. And YES - men are VERY needed and welcome to join! 

SPB Altar Guild Major Cleaning announcements are usually listed in the bulletins a couple of weeks before the cleaning date. Once you’re on the team, e-mail notifications are also sent out to everyone 2-3 weeks before the major cleaning dates. For more information, please contact Jeff Coakley (805) 207-6990 or Verna Dormer (805) 495-6103. 

Special thanks & blessings to all listed Altar Guild members…and all those soon to be listed: Sylvia Alfaro, Barbara Barry, Joan Bennett, Bernadine Bilek, Annette Blaine, Carol Brookhart, Jeff Coakley, Amanda Costales, Cathy Cresswell, Verna Dormer, Jim Dormer, Ramona Dover, Marie Durkee, Karen Egizi, Dolores Estrada, Joann Evans, Ester Garcia, Darcy Griffin, Lisa Hamilton, Ron Hamilton, Ivonne Heller, Nora Howells, Debra Huang, Anne Interrante, Dao Troung Kemp, Isolde Kikalo, Gladys Krantz, Jerry Lang, Pat Lang, Leslie Lenko, Carolyn Lorenz, Jeanne Lutz, Rosyln Martich, Elaine McKearn, Heather McKearn, Theresa Meissner, Penelope O’Corrigan, Pat O’Rourke, Connie Pollack, Kevin Priest, Michele Priest, Theresa Quandt, Eric Quandt, Sean Quandt, Dana Quandt, Jessie Quandt, Sharon Sabol, Nancy Sherman, Siria(daisy), Betty Swann, Rosemary Swanstrom, Carol Tucker, Maria Wagner, Robert Witkoski, and Nick Witkoski.